1. Create your free company profile

Using the ‘Sign-up’ button in the top right-hand corner of the page, create your free company profile in order to access the platform.
It should only take a couple of minutes to complete. If done previously, just login.

2. Complete the digital Agreement

The system will then send you the Movench Agreement so you can sign digitally.
The Agreement is designed to protect all information you provide to Movench.

3. Submit Assignment Request

Using the ‘Find Talent on the Bench’ tab on the Movench dashboard, enter a new assignment request.
Ensure you detail essential and desirable criteria, location, dates and a rate band you are willing to pay.
Press submit and let Movench do all the hard work!

4. Complete Conflict of Interest check

Movench will send you the business names that have available employees that match your requirements. Review the business names and short-list the companies you are happy to work with.
This prevents you being matched to competitors.

5. Review employee profiles from selected companies

Movench will provide you with the relevant employee profiles which include a resume and all-inclusive daily rate (NOTE: This is all you will pay. Finding talent from the Bench is free).
Review and select the professional you like.

6. Introductions and interview employee if applicable

Once a supplying company has been selected, Movench will introduce both parties and provide the brief on what has been successfully negotiated.
Movench will also facilitate any interviews you require such as in-person, video or phone conference.

7. Contract the selected company

Movench will get in the middle of the contract.
Movench will assist you so that the supplying company’s employee will then start on the requested date.

8. Rate the Supplying Company and Employee

Once the supplying company has completed the contract, you can rate their performance and how they were to work with.
The supplying company will also rate your company. Ratings help provide an assurance of quality when being selected by another company.
Good ratings will enhance your performance on the Movench platform.

9. Stay in touch!

Whether you have too much work on or not enough, we know it can change for you in an instant.
So, stay in touch and keep us up to date so we can be there to support when you need it.